Diversity Initiative

HG Lighting Design: Building a More Diverse and Inclusive Design Community

Black lives matter, and Herrick and HGLD are proud to be working toward a more inclusive world. To ensure that we build an increasingly diverse community, HG Lighting Design actively supports both the ETC mentorship program and the Live Design diversity program. We are committed to providing opportunities and experience to BIPOC artists in the production community.

Are you an arts organization making an effort to have a more representative production team? Please contact us! We will work with you to identify young local talent who can then gain experience working with us, and ultimately become a part of your team. By growing the talent pool of both our company and your organization, we can simultaneously create more opportunities in your community and seed the future of design diversity wherever we go.

Are you an educator? Do you have students who need exposure to the possibilities of design? Please contact us! The members of HG Lighting Design are eager to speak to young people about our work, and we are often able to bring students on site to work side by side with us. Several students we met in this way have since become valued collaborators. We can tailor programs to suit a range of ages and stages – from high school students who simply need exposure to career opportunities in the arts to undergraduate and graduate students who are already building their portfolio and starting their careers.

We are actively seeking BIPOC collaborators.

If you are interested in working with us or learning from us, please click here to send us an email with the subject line “Diversity Initiative.”

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