A Chorus Line

Jerry Lonn Touring

Tharon Musser’s design of the original production of A Chorus Line is legendary. In many ways we hewed as closely as possible to her indelible work. At the same time, I intentionally strayed from select design elements that were inherently hers. I feel it is important for a designer to create their own work and not strictly duplicate the vision of others who have gone before.

Designing A Chorus Line gives you a healthy appreciation for mirrors. At first, I dreaded the mirrors, but then I began to play with them. I discovered that when you time it just right, backlight acts as front light and vice versa. This led to some beautiful moments with the entire chorus line facing upstage, “backlit,” yet with their faces visible to the raked audience, while their backs, towards the audience, were dark.

This tour of A Chorus Line, directed by Mitzi Hamilton with a wonderful young cast, started in El Paso, Texas and toured to Honolulu and Maui.

I would like to extend my appreciation to the staff and crew of the Magoffin Center at the University of Texas, El Paso, the Hawaii Theater in Honolulu, and The Maui Perfoming Arts Center, as well as to my associate Susan Nicholson, for all of their hard work.

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