LaGuardia Airport Terminal B

Water Feature

LaGuardia Gateway Partners (LGP) approached Evoke Collaborative to participate in the creation of a projection-mapped water feature in the brand-new Terminal B at LaGuardia Airport.

Evoke was involved from concept through completion – a three-year journey that eventually included traveling to Strasbourg, France to test full-scale mock-ups. Along the way, Evoke provided systems design and specification as well as bid management and, ultimately, sales and continuing service. In the design and execution phases, Evoke collaborated with LGP marketing, Aquatique, Beta Petrol, and creative directors Josh Zangen and Benny Or to create content.

The final result includes 14 fully designed shows with custom-rendered and projection-mapped video content using three 40K Barco laser projectors and two disguise media servers.

The Terminal B water feature is the only one of its kind in the Americas and the only one anywhere in the world located in an airport.

4,000 gallons of recirculated water run through the system and fall from two rings to create a water curtain. 450 individual nozzles open and close to create shapes in the falling water. The three projectors wrap the video content around the cylinders of water, turning the water itself into a projection surface. Audio, video, and lights play in sync to create unique shows for travelers as they pass through or spend time in the airport.

The Team

Evoke Collaborative

  • Herrick Goldman – Producer
  • Kara O’Grady – Project Manager
  • Lisa Renkel – Producer / Content Director
  • Brad Peterson – Content Director
  • Gabe Aronson, Yaara Bar, Wayne Bryant, Lizzie Mahoney, Blake Manns, Sam Molitoriss, Alex Uragallo – Animators


  • John Ackerman – Technical Supervisor
  • Erica Blumrosen – Project Manager
  • Raul Herrera – disguise Media Server Programmer
  • Chet Miller – disguise Media Server Programmer

LaGuardia Gateway Partners

  • Derek Thielmann – Project Director
  • John Girardi – Deputy Director, Design and Construction
  • Farhan Bassim – Project Engineer
  • Tracy Sandford – Senior Director Marketing & Communications

Creative Direction

  • Josh Zangen – Creative Producer
  • Benny Or – Creative Director

Beta Petrol

  • Nathan Ehrenfeld – Music Supervisor, Creative Director
  • Brent Asbury, Jason Cummings, Andrés Rebellón, Greg Chun – Composition/Sound Design

Aquatique Show

  • Cédric Bigot, Norbert Fischer, Thierry Sipp, Maxime Gerhard – Water and Lighting Design and Programmin

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