The Wizard of Oz

Syracuse Stage

The Wizard of Oz, directed by Donna Drake at Syracuse Stage, was the story you know so well told in a new way – with tumbling and flying elements performed by acrobats-turned-actors from New York’s 2 Ring Circus. HGLD was engaged due to our expertise with acrobats and aerialists as well as our frequent use of saturated color and complex cueing.

While the pre-Oz scenes were kept bereft of color, as in the famous 1939 movie, the production’s set was otherwise awash in color, especially blues and golds. We used cool white tones in the Kansas scenes and then, as the story moved on, the looks became increasingly colorful, reaching their full richness as the characters arrive in the Emerald City.

For conceptual inspiration we referred to the colorful The Wizard of Oz illustrations by fantasy and science fiction artists Tim and Greg Hildebrandt (“The Brothers Hildebrandt”). Projection designer Kate Freer also used some of these illustrations as inspiration.

The Team

  • Director: Donna Drake
  • Choreographer: Joshua Dean
  • Assistant Director: Ben Franklin
  • Scenic Designer: Linda Buchanan
  • Projection Designer: Kate Freer
  • Costume Designer: Jess Ford
  • Lighting Designer: Herrick Goldman
  • Sound Designer: Jon Herter
  • Associate Lighting Designer: Lisa Renkel

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